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It's officially the "holiday season" now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and the sound of cash registers ringing is at an annual high.  It's time for cookie exchanges, cute holiday-inspired treats, dinner parties, and more holiday meals!  But before we get into all of that... a Thanksgiving recap...


I made way more turkey than we could ever eat in one (or four) sitting!  It's hard to accommodate for smaller or larger family meals when it is centered around a main course that only comes in 15-20 pound increments.  

I tried brining the turkey for the first time this year... which turned into a real mess!  I froze the turkey stock I made from last year's Thanksgiving turkey... put the turkey, the stock, and some seasoning in a turkey bag... and when I went to pick it up to put it on the tray to go back in the fridge... splaaasssh!  The bag broke and my kitchen, Snoop, and myself were covered in turkey stock.  Ick!  At least the turkey landed safely in the tray.  I ended up having to brine with vegetable broth.  I think brining kept the white meat a little more moist.  But in hindsight, I would have spared myself the trouble if I knew it was going to cause such a mess, emergency laundry time, and an unplanned dog bath. 

DSC06603 DSC06607

Two new items on the table this year were stuffing muffins and caramel apple stuessel pie (recipes to come soon).  I think using a muffin pan for stuffing is really a perfect way of serving the side dish.  It counts as your bread and a side at the same time without overwhelming the table with an extra plate.  Besides, there are enough carbs to go around... who needs dinner rolls when there are better things to stuff your face with!  :)

After a whole day of cooking and baking... this week's menu includes using up those turkey leftovers and some low key meals.  Next week start the cookie making!

turkey and broccoli casserole
turkey cheddar apple panini
stuffed crust pizza
taco night
asian meatballs Yum

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