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Epic Fails

When you try new things in the kitchen, there are bound to be a few failures.  That doesn't mean you give up and never try the recipe again, just need to think about what went wrong or what you could change to make the recipe better.  Below are two epic fails, but I have some ideas on what to do next time.

Blue Berry Cake with Cream Cheese frosting
The recipe is supposed to be like angel food cake with blue food coloring.  I should have read through the recipe and thought about how frosting and angel food cake do not go together.  Besides the fact that angel food cake is very difficult to make (lots of whipping egg whites).  The cake ended up weird, the frosting a little tart, but the berry sauces was tasty.
Next time I'll use a regular cake recipe and regular cream cheese (I used Neufch√Ętel).

 BBQ Pulled Chicken - crock pot recipe
The chicken ended up so dry, it was awful.  Not even sure how chicken and barbque sauce could taste this bad.
Next time I may use chicken that has more fat content (legs instead of breasts), but I will definitely cook it for less time!  Never let food cook in a crock pot more than what the recipe says.  That means you can't stay at work too late or your dinner will be over cooked and gross. Yum

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