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Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  That means meat is back on our menu and my whole recipe book is fair game!  That also means I will really get to use my crockpot that I got for my birthday, which was a few days before Lent started.  Here's the menu for this week...

Mexican Stuffed Shells
Zucchini Enchiladas - this time adding spinach
Shredded BBQ Chicken (crockpot)
Chicken Tortilla Soup (crockpot)
Chicken Florentine Artichoke Bake

I wanted to share the progress of a gardening experiment I have been working on (and by working, I mean about 5 minutes of work).  Some of the potatoes I used in the baked potato soup that I made a few weeks ago had started to root, but only on one side of the potato.  I used the halves without root shoots in the soup and threw the other halves in a pot of dirt.  After about one week, I had little potato seedlings... and after two weeks I had good sized plants (which got a little frost damage, but they have recovered since I brought them inside).  Any way... just goes to show, something that would normally end up as food scraps in the compost or trash can become more food with just some dirt and time.


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