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Vegetarian Crunchwraps - total time 30 minutes

I was just having a conversation about the last time we ate at McDonald's (it's been a while).  I thought it was funny that I could recall the last time I ate at several fast food chains, all of which have been years ago, because they were all paired with awful belly aches or just bad luck.  Last time at McDonald's was actually in San Fran and was the only thing open for breakfast by the rental car place so we could leave for Yosemite.  They screwed up my breakfast sandwich order and I was too tired to realize it until it was too late and my stomach was already turning.  The last time I went to Burger King was after a long day waiting in lines and shopping at a sample sale and a car ran into my car while I was waiting in the drive thru line.  For KFC, it was after a canoe trip that was continuing into some backpacking in Zaleski.  It was either KFC, McDonalds, or Clif bars (which meant we would have less to eat while hiking).  We ate a quick lunch and off we went... it was 98 degrees, 100% humidity, and the trail started straight up some switch backs.  We got to the top and both of us looked pale as ghosts... the friend chicken was not sitting well...  And then lastly, I've never ate at White Castle, but my husband has once and told me the reason they call them sliders (TMI).

Ironically, with all of these fast food horror stories, surprisingly Taco Bell hasn't made our 'do not go there' list.  They also have a decent selection of vegetarian options and the Catina Bell menu is better than the average fast food.  Taco Bell just announced that they are testing some higher end fast-casual restaurants called U.S. Taco Co. in Florida, which will be interesting to see how they compete with Chipotle.  Any way, I've always thought Taco Bell had something with their crunch wrap idea... a mix of soft and crunchy.  There just had to be a healthier option than ladles of nacho cheese and sour cream with almost no veggies.  So here's my version...

burrito size tortillas
tostada shells
1 cup monterey jack, shredded
1 bell pepper
1 medium onion
1-2 ears of corn
1 tsp chili powder
sprinkle red pepper flakes
salt and pepper

1.  Shop onion and pepper into fajita slices.  Cook them in a pan on medium-high heat for 5 minutes, shifting them around about every minute or so.  Remove the corn from the cob and add to the pan and continue to cook for 2 minutes.  Remove veggies from heat.
2.  On a plate, lay out the tortilla.  Pile on the veggies and flatten it down to about a half inch thickness.  Add a layer of cheese, just enough to cover the veggies.  Add the tostada shell and some more cheese around the edge that will act like glue for the tortilla.  Fold the tortilla over one edge at a time.
3.  Spray pan (medium-low heat) with olive oil.  Add crunchwrap folded side down to the pan.  Heat for about 2 minutes and flip, then 2 more minutes.  Enjoy!

DSC08547 DSC08554  DSC08551 DSC08552 DSC08557 DSC08559
DSC08560 DSC08562
DSC08564 DSC08566
DSC08572 DSC08574
DSC08583 DSC08584
DSC08588 DSC08589
DSC08590 DSC08591
DSC08594 DSC08597

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