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Hope everyone had a great weekend!  The Ohio State Fair and Dublin Irish Fest used to mean that summer was over to me.  It still kind of feels like that, but since I don't have a summer break from work, it really shouldn't feel that way.  We still have almost two months of summer until Fall starts.  Time to make the most of it!

Like I mentioned, we went to the fair this week.  My dad, sister, and I have been going to the fair together ever since I can remember.  Since it was just the three of us this year, it was all about traditions.  Making sure we covered each one of them even if they were new traditions.   :)  Met at the red cardinal, ate at the smorgous board, saw the baby chicks, pet the rabbits, walked through ODNR, saw the baby cows, got ice cream and ate it in the coliseum while 'betting' on horses, and wandered around looking at all of the animals.

image imageimage image
Yay! It's strawberry time again.  Everbearing strawberries are ripening right now and they are sooo good!  We also made a stop at B Spot where they specialize in burgers, brats, beer, and bourbon.  Pretty good hamburger and delicious campfire milkshake with toasted marshmallows on top.

image image image image 
And of course Dublin Irish Festival was this weekend.  After a few Guinness, some Irish nachos )chops with beer cheese) from Claddagh, and perusing the vendors we learned how to make linen from flax straw, saw how to play some traditional 'track and field' type games and listened to a lot of bagpipes.

image image 

Here is the plan for this week!  What are you planning on making?

salmon burgers
shrimp po boys with grilled potatoes
pizza night
grilled brie sandwiches Yum

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