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Weekly Menu (#100!)

This is my 100th meal plan post!  I started this blog to keep track of recipes I was trying and hold myself accountable for meal planning.  It's been about three years, 100 meal plans, and 400 posts... while that doesn't exactly equal a meal plan per week, it's pretty darn good!  :)

Before we get to this week's plan... I wanted to share some photos from this weekend.  I've been doing some reading on the history of Columbus lately.  It's so interesting!  I can't believe how much history happened here and the things that started here before anywhere else in the country... all in the little city I grew up in (and I used to think there was nothing to do in Columbus).  So this weekend we went exploring some of those areas.

Franklinton was actually the first settlement in central Ohio.  Because it was flood prone, the smaller settlement of Columbus quickly surpassed Franklinton.  There are still several older buildings in Franklinton and the current rehabilitation efforts are trying to keep the history of the original central Ohio town.  German Village also has so much history where the poorer German folk put down roots with shotgun houses and small markets.  Back in the 1980s there was an effort to preserve and restore this rundown neighborhood to what we see and love today.

german village columbus ohio german village columbus ohio 
franklinton ohio franklinton ohio
franklinton ohio
franklinton ohio columbus ohio
You may notice a lot of train tracks going through the downtown area.  That is because Columbus was the perfect stop on the way out west with the National Road, some of the first rail tracks going right through, and one of the first commercial airports.  As people traveled west, many ended up liking Columbus and staying here!  At one time, Union Station was one of the busiest train stations with all kinds of cargo and passenger trains passing through.  Union Station had a beautiful arched arcade and the main arch is now located across from Nationwide Arena (the only part that was saved from overnight demolition) and was the inspiration behind the arched facades on restaurants including Hyde Park in the Short North.

LeVeque Tower (formerly know as AIU Citadel) was Columbus' first skyscraper and at the time was the second tallest in the country... the tallest... the Empire State building! 

columbus ohio
elevator columbus ohio nationwide arena district
Elevator brewing may have only been around since 1999, but the location has been used as a brewery for over a century.  During Prohibition, it was used as a billiards hall, which you can tell from the mosaic tiles on the front of the restaurant.

Okay... I could go on forever about some neat facts and history about Columbus... but I'll stop here for now.  So on to the 100th meal plan!  Trying to make this one a little lighter than usual because we have a beach vacay quickly approaching.  It's bad enough I'm as pale as a ghost.  I don't need to add quite as much comfort food right before being in a swimsuit for several days!  :)  Can't wait... counting down the days!

lamb kabobs and salad
veggie stuffed peppers
asian meatballs and rice

So, what are you making this week? Yum

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