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Well, there has been a break in posts because I went to the Dominican Republic for vacay with a friend.  I was back last week and had a meal plan, just never got around to posting it.  It was a little boring any way since I was coming off island time and then were driving around quite a bit toward the end of the week, so we were eating out more than usual.

Any way, this week is Earth Week where both Earth Day and Arbor Day happen in the same week, so why not make the whole week about being green?!  Last year I wrote about some easy tips on being a little greener in general, this year I'm giving you a few tips on how to be more green in the kitchen...

1.  Use reusable containers whenever possible.  Sure ziploc bags are convenient, but you end up throwing them away.  A glass storage container is best because you can freeze and heat them as well as you don't have to worry about BPA chemicals.

2.  Save your scraps.  Whether you toss your veggie scraps in a freezer container to make stock later, juice it, or throw it in your compost pile... scraps never need to go in your garbage can.

3.  Unplug your appliances when you're not using them.  Do you really need your coffee maker plugged in while you're at work?  Probably not.  And it is using electricity even though you aren't using it.

4.  Grow your own food.  This one is on my post from last year, but seriously is a great way to make a difference.  Have a few small pots with herbs in your kitchen and you'll remember to water it and use them to flavor your cooking!  Also, if you start with a couple potted fruits/vegetables like cherry tomatoes and strawberries, that is one less thing that has to be trucked from somewhere to end up on your plate.

5.  Use cloth napkins and dish towels to replace paper napkins, paper towels, and disposable cleaning wipes.  Self explanatory and it saves you money too!

dawes arboritum dawes arboritum

Alrighty, here is this week's meal plan...

BBQ chicken salad 
spaghetti bake
asparagus frittata and hash browns
taco night with chips and homemade guac
creamy salmon pasta

What are you planning to make this week? Yum

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