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Weekly Menu

Yay!  Our CSA has officially started for the year and the best strawberries ever are in my fridge.  :)  So we're having strawberry smoothies, strawberries on our granola, on our salads, and in our desserts... yum!

Have you checked out Angry Baker yet?  We went this weekend after hearing great things for a long time, definitely did not disappoint!  We both got egg sandwiches and some baked goods to take home for later.  All very tasty!  Then after a long walk at Scioto Grove, we went to eat even more at Sweet Carrot.  Oh, how we have missed Sweet Carrot... their food truck has been hard to find while they have been opening up shop in Grandview.

new century csa new century csa 
angry baker olde towne east 
sweet carrot north high brewing 
scioto grove metro park scioto grove metro park 

This week's meal plan is rather simple, but some times that's just the way things go...

double decker chicken tacos
asian meatballs and rice
ravioli with asparagus and garlic bread
creamy dijon chicken with mashed potatoes and kraut
grilled cheese with pesto and sun dried tomatoes and spinach-strawberry salad


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