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Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tips

Everyone has always loved my grilled cheese sandwiches.  Even with basic ingredients, using these techniques really make a difference.  But ditch the Wonder bread and American cheese singles.  Get some sour dough, some better cheese like provolone, munster, or colby (or use all three), and add some vegetables like tomatoes, avocados, or sauteed zucchini.  So much better!

1.  Brown butter in a pan over medium-low heat (about four minutes). - browned butter develops a rich nutty flavor and is easier to get on the bread evenly than spreading solid butter
2.  Lay both sides of bread in the browned butter and toast one side of the bread (about three minutes). - toasting both sides of the bread give it extra crunch, flavor, and warms the inside of the sandwich
3.  Flip bread over and layer the cheese and other piece of bread, toast each side. - flipping the sandwich instead of toasting it 'open-face' style heats the cheese longer resulting in more melty goodness

The quintessential vegetarian comfort food; grilled cheese and tomato soup!

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