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Good Reads

A couple great books that changed the way I think of eating and really got me in the kitchen as well as links to a few blogs I follow...

If you have ever thought about becoming a vegetarian or vegan, reading Food Matters could help you commit.  The demand for inexpensive meat is so high globally that raising animals cheaply is one of the largest strains on our environment and results in poor living conditions (CAFOs) where diseases and mistreated animals become our problems too.  This book inspired me to challenge myself to go 'vegan until dinner' (a diet mentioned in the book) for 30-days.  While I still eat meat today, I have considerably reduced how much I eat and buy organic, free-range/wild meat when I do eat it.

I have read (or listened to) pretty much all of Michael Pollan's books.  But if you don't have  the time (or don't like to read), pick up Food Rules, which is basically the Cliff's Notes of In Defense of Food.  A great set of rules to keep in mind while you are menu planning or in the grocery store.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle takes you through a year of homesteading.  Growing all of their own food, baking bread every morning, raising chickens, and all of the work involved was really inspiring.

A few of my favorite food blogs...


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