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Weekly Menu

It's been a couple weeks since the last meal plan for good reason, we've been on vacay!  Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks in Montana... pictures from the trip will come soon as well as tips on eating around those parks.

We're not fully unpacked yet and we have more travel plans soon, so meal plans are short and sweet for the next few weeks.

spaghetti squash and meatballs
pizza night with garden veggies
sausage stuffed peppers
ravioli and garlic bread
jerk chicken sandwiches and crispy roast potatoes

homemade pickles
kale chips

Anyone go to Oktoberfest this weekend?  I think it was my first time having schnitzel... but I'm always up for some Bavarian pretzels (had one in Switzerland last year and it was the best ever!).  And I'm pretty sure I would not be able to survive an Oktoberfest in Germany...

oktoberfest columbus oktoberfest columbus

A couple pics from our trip, more to come...

mount washburn yellowstone grinnell glacier lake mcdonald glacier fairy falls yellowstone

Camp Breakfast Is In the Bag - total time 30 minutes

camp breakfast in the bag

Have you seen those pins on Pinterest where they show a paper bag sitting over the campfire to cook breakfast?  I definitely have.  But have you ever seen the end result?  So many pins about allegedly being able to cook a camp breakfast without any clean up... sounds too good to be true.

So I tried it out...

To my surprise, no Pinterest fail occurred, which is good because we were hungry.  I shouldn't really be a surprised that the layered cooking works on a campfire because I did it with bacon, onions, and potatoes last year... but had to clean my cast iron afterward.  So now we can go pan free!

I love breakfast sandwiches, so the ingredients in this are perfect after a night sleeping in tents or really any time.  The bacon acts as a liner to the paper bag preventing the eggs from leaking out and the fat prevents the bag from burning in the fire.  I also add a little cooking spray just to be in the safe side.   The biscuit on top gets just enough air through the paper bag that it cooks perfectly (unlike covering a pan of biscuits with foil... if the steam can't escape, your biscuits will be soggy).  Where to put the bag once you have everything ready becomes the tricky part.  You don't want flames constantly hitting the bag... the bacon can protect the paper that well.  But you also need it close enough to cook before you get hangry.

Weekly Menu

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day, long weekend!  And that you stayed hydrated in this heat!  I am so glad summer weather came back, because the fall weather we were having recently was weighing on my mood... not because I don't like fall... but what comes after it.  :/

Any time there is a long weekend, it seems like it centers around food.  Okay... maybe all weekends center around food for a food blogger.  :)  We have been meaning to try Los Guachos as soon as we saw that the Food Networked ranked them as one of the top five tacos in the country (article here).  I tried a chicken taco and the pork taco that they are famous for (and what ranked them number three by FN).  The pork taco is kind of like a taco take on Hawaiian pizza.  It was pretty good.  The chicken was a little dry and not as flavorful as I was expecting... actually very similar to the chicken tacos I had in El Paso.  Then my husband had the spicy shrimp tacos... I had a taste and it was sooo spicy!  While we were eating, several Mexican-Americans were coming in ordering tacos, so I think the tacos are probably very authentic, but I prefer Local Cantina or Condado Tacos... perhaps they are a little more "Tex-Mex"?

Went to the Chocolate Cafe in Grandview with some work friends which I had never heard of before.  While I thought by the name it would be chocolate only, kind of like the Chocolate Bar in Cleveland, but it was also true to the cafe name with sandwiches and soups as well.  The martinis were on point and I took some brownies home to try later (also very tasty). 

Did you know Alchemy Juice Cafe and Crest Gastropub are partners?  You can get Alchemy juice mimosas at the Crest and they are delicious!  My favorite was the Strawberry Chia... mmm.  And we can't go to Clintonville without stopping at Pattycakes... I have a serious cookie addiction.

los gauchos tacos brownies from chocolate cafe crest mimosa flight with alchemy crest breakfast skillet pattycake bakery pattycake bakery

I finally got over to Grandview to try out Zest juices... their green smoothie (which is actually purple) tastes like a blueberry muffin and I always love a good orange + carrot juice.  :)  Finished off Saturday with pizza and drinks at Forno, which has become one of our food go-to's in the Short North, and some gallery hoppin'.  That picture below is made out of crayons!  So crazy!  

zest juice company zest juice bar blackberry crush at forno forno breakfast pizza short north gallery hop short north gallery hop whole foods easton nitro coffee at whole foods easton

The new Whole Foods opened at Easton this week.  I have been waiting for this for sooooo long!  We used to live across the street, literally within walking distance, to the Whole Foods in Dublin.  But when you're just out of college and living in a tiny apartment, Meijer was more budget friendly for groceries.  Now that I want (and can afford) all of those fun, different foods... it is such a loong drive from Reynoldsburg.  This new location is definitely smaller than the Dublin one.  And you could definitely tell it was opening weekend because it was CROWDED.  Like, fire code might be breached, my foot was run over by carts, and playing human bumper cars kind of crowded.  I wasn't looking to buy groceries, just a few items... like cheeses and tea cookies... some breads... quickly filled my basket and had to checkout because it was too heavy to carry.  Oh, and a cold brewed coffee on nitro... just what we needed on our way back out into the heat.

Alright, it is a short week and we're getting ready to go on vacay... so the menu is simple and short.

summer veggie pizza
fresh raviolis (from Whole Foods)
steak tacos and corn on the cob
jerk chicken with rice and beans

Weekly Menu

Another pretty chill weekend soaking up the last weekends of summer.  Cleared out some of the garden to make way for some lettuce which should be ready by the end of September, just before any risk of frost... can't believe I'm saying frost already while it is 80 degrees outside.  :(

Have you heard about nitro coffee yet?  Cold brewed coffee put through a tap kind of like Guinness.  It gets this frothy head and tastes really smooth.  Also, twice as much caffeine (so it is served in a smaller cup)!  Try it over at Five Bean in Reynoldsburg...

habaneros oodles of zoodles basil limoncello chocolate peanut butter milkshake nitro coffee nitro coffee draft day sunset reflections

Today was my fantasy football draft day... also known as the most stressful hour of this weekend.  Ugh... I don't even care about football... but for some reason I play anyway.  Then pop up showers for the remainder of the evening made the puddle behind Kroger officially lake status.  The sunset was reflecting in this mosquito breeding ground as I walked home with my groceries.  One of those moments you need to stop and smell the roses... :)

All of those habaneros in the first picture will eventually get made into jerk chicken... but I'll save that for the weekend.  So here is the plan for the week...

chicken caesar salad
shrimp po' boys
lamb burgers
chicken & sour cream enchiladas
creamy dijon chicken and potatoes

Cherbourg Bakery Review

cherbourg bakery

Last weekend, while trying to find somewhere to go for lunch in Bexley, we found this little cute little bakery on Drexel.  I'm constantly on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie in town (currently a tie between Patty Cake Bakery and Sharon's cookies found at Lynd's Fruit Farm market).  Every time I see a bakery, I must stop and try their cookies!

We stopped in Cherbourg Bakery only about an hour before closing.  As such, there was a limited selection from their menu available.  Everything is gluten and nut free, so it's a great option for people with allergies but still have a sweet tooth... great find since we just found out my nephew is allergic to tree nuts.  The menu spans from muffins and brownies to donuts and cupcakes... a little bit of everything!  

They are known for their lemon bars, espresso brownies, and smores bars... luckily for us they still had one of each of them so we could try them!  Along with an iced pour over coffee, we nibbled on all three and saved some for later.  While I can't say they were the best brownies I've ever had (that includes some fierce competition), they are certainly high on the list.  Everyone has their different preferences when it comes to baked goods, so you may find that these top your list.  :)  They are a little drier than I normally make mine which makes it taste like the edge pieces.  And based on this pan, people really love edge pieces.

We will definitely be back to try some more goodies from their menu... the tiramisu cookies certainly caught my eye (but weren't available) and maybe a few breakfast items! 

cherbourg bakery cherbourg bakery cherbourg bakery cherbourg bakery

Weekly Menu

While I hate that summer is "winding down" because that means winter is coming... it is basically the best weather of the entire year!  Not too hot with crisp mornings and sunshiny days.  We still have a month left!  So ignore those sweaters and boots at the store and the back-to-school/summer is over messaging (unless you have kids, please send them back) and go celebrate summer outside for another month!  :)

If you have a veggie garden, it is probably bursting at the seams.  Everyone always seem to have excess zucchini, but we always end up with excess hot peppers!  Habaneros, jalapeƱos, chilis, and now poblanos.  The trick seems to be having two plants, somehow one plant produces four peppers, but two plants produce 200!  So for the next couple weeks, Mexican food will dominate our meal plan... which I am totally okay with... 

red peppers from the garden spaghetti squash pimento peppers almost ready banana peppers growing chive flowers being pollinated buzzing bees crew brew voting crew goal franklin park conservatory franklin park conservatory jeep hair, don't care blendon woods 

Jeep hair, don't care moment with blue skies for days... summer, please don't ever go!

This week's plan is featuring everything nightshade (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) because it is all ripening at once...

verde pulled chicken and rice
zoodles and meatballs
eggplant parmesan 
bison burgers with tomato salad
enchilada stuffed poblanos with mexican corn

Weekly Menu

Summer harvests are in full swing at this point.  If you have a backyard garden, chances are that you're sick of zucchini, bringing in tomatoes every few days, corn on the cob is your side dish every night, and peppers are starting to spice up your dinners.  We're about to be overwhelmed with habanero peppers... which I only grow to make some jerk sauce at the end of summer.  We're going to have gallons of jerk sauce based on just two little plants!  

While we're talking about homegrown veggies... Reynoldsburg celebrated their 50th Tomato Festival this weekend!  I try to go most years since it is basically down the street and I really enjoy the history behind why Reynoldsburg has a tomato festival in the first place.  I even entered some of my own tomatoes to be judged one year... but I was only willing to part with a few yellow pears, which didn't win any ribbons.  Not wasting my purple cherokee on a contest rather than enjoying them right in the garden!  :)

Oh, remember the rainbow earlier in the week?  That was the brightest, most vivid rainbow I have ever seen!  First time I could actually see the distinction between all seven colors (roygbiv).  And how Midwestern of me to take a picture of the rainbow over a cornfield... just on my way home from work.  ;)

midwest rainbow blue skies
stately reflections sun roof columbus food truck festival columbus food truck festival reynoldsburg tomato festival homemade sauce
camera store hoover reservoir

If you're in Cbus, hope you were able to make it out to the Food Truck Festival.  The thing I like most about food truck is the fact that the owners can be so creative.  No one is really expecting the same menu items every time... they want to be surprised and try new things.  

Good thing I'm not operating a food truck, because I'm not trying anything new this week.  Instead, summer vegetables are dictating what we're eating this week... and you'll hear no complaints from me!  :)  Here's this week's meal plan...

pizza night
spaghetti and turkey meatballs with homemade sauce from garden tomatoes
grilled caesar salad with corn off the cob
eggplant parmesan
sausage stuffed peppers


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