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8 Things to Do in Cbus This Weekend

It's going to be a hot and sticky weekend, but don't let that stop you from having fun around town!  There are plenty of things to do indoors, but it's summer in Ohio, so get outside and find a shady spot to enjoy this week's list of things to do...

What to do...

1. Lancaster kicks off its annual Lancaster Festival today and the music, art, and community continues through next weekend.  Go on Friday to participate in the Artwalk too.

2. Grab a plain white tee and a tutu, then run, don't walk, to the Columbus Color Run on Saturday.  You'll be plenty colorful at the finish line!

3. Jazz and ribs... need I say more?  We always mark our calendars for this weekend... Jazz and Rib Fest sets up downtown for some good eats and cool tunes on this hot summer weekend. 

4. If you need a new fur baby in your life, you're in luck.  This Saturday all of the local animal shelters are teaming up with a Clear the Shelters adoption event where your new best friend will only cost you $20.  

5. The Franklin County Fair technically started last weekend, but it runs through Saturday, don't miss out on some good midwestern fun at this nearly century-old tradition (demolition derby is on Saturday at 7pm).

6. Seeking air conditioning or maybe shelter from a pop up thunderstorm?  Tuck away into the downtown Hyatt for Pulpfest.  Think Comic Con for pulp fiction.  

7. Start your Sunday funday with some brewga, yoga at a brewery!  Head over to Zauber, stretch it out, and stick around for some coffee, brunch, and brews of course.

8. Test your volleyball skills at Flannagan's Chaos Beach Volleyball Tourney all day on Sunday.  Enjoy the pool, the sand, the drinks...

Where to eat...
Finish out Restaurant Week with a bang and head to as many of the participating restaurants as humanly possible!

Where to drink...
Actual Brewing is hosting a game-a-thon where a dollar from every beer and 10% of the food truck sales are donated back to Nationwide Children's Hospital, so drink for a cause while having fun!

8 Things to Do in Cbus This Weekend

You may have spent last weekend catching Pokemon in random walks around town (ahh, they are taking over!).  This weekend, give your phone battery (and phone bill) a break with this list of things to do around town (okay... you can catch them in these places too).  :)

What to do...

1.  Get over to the zoo and enjoys the active animals after hours and then get your seat for some jazz at JazZoo on Friday night.

2.  Prefer a movie instead?  Take it way back with Honey I Shrunk the Kids under the stars a Highbanks metropark... popcorn is on them!

3.  Living in Columbus, you get the perks of a big city with the feel of a close-knit small town.  Enjoy that combo at the Pickerington Violet Festival where you have fair rides and food that ends with a pretty big concert at night.

4.  There are still some tickets left for Promowest Fest going on in McFerson Park all weekend.  Don't miss out on this lineup, including Snoop Dogg and Garbage... time for a 90s throwback!

5.  Speaking of the 90s, you're probably one of the millions clogging up the Pokemon GO servers (it's okay, I am too).  Meetups are popping up everywhere luring in those cute little pocket monsters.  Win prizes for the most Pokemon and most rare at some of these meetups; Como Park on Friday, The Oval on Saturday, and Goodale Park on Sunday.

6.  After all that walking from Pokemon catching, stretch it out with a little yoga.  Enjoy the new Cherry Street parklet at the Cherry Street Community Yoga Festival on Saturday starting at 6:30pm.

7.  Head over to German Village for an Art Crawl on Macon Alley.  See 30 regional artists, listen to live music, and wine/beer tastings all night.

8.  If you're riding in Pelotonia next month, it's time to start training... and the best way to end a long bike ride is with a cookout and ice cream at Velvet ice cream's mill!

Where to eat...
Stuff your face with all kinds of good eats at the Taste of Worthington on Friday night, there will be 60 different foods to try!

Where to drink...
Staas is celebrating their three year anniversary on Saturday with a party.  Don't want to drive all the way to Delaware?  Stay a little more local at Four Strings and partake in their Hawaiian BBQ popup.

Weekly Menu

Another great weekend in Columbus!  Beautiful weather... perfect for a visiting streetpub and picnic with the pops.  We finished our patio table last weekend and we've been using it ever since... casual coffee on the patio, grilling dinner, relaxing with a magazine, and post-concert Nelly listening under the stars.

deschutes streetpub deschutes streetpub deschutes streetpub scioto mile picnic with the pops de novo herbn cafe chestnut ridge metropark chestnut ridge metropark

That dang Pokemon game... held out downloading it until today (I really don't need another distraction) but now I have it.  Wonder if everyone who has it reached their step goals over the weekend, haha!  We saw people wandering aimlessly trying to catch these guys.  Now there are meetups at Pokestops to search for catch them all and battle at gyms.  I've also heard stories about budding friendships over trying to find the rare ones.  Oh well, back to being productive tomorrow!  Here is this week's meal plan...

BBQ chicken and corn-on-the-cob
homemade pizza
breakfast tacos for dinner
ravioli and sauteed zucchini

Weekly Menu

Hope you had a great three-day weekend!  Ours was kind of lazy... which was much needed.  Saw some fireworks, drank some drinks, had some great BBQ... you know... the ultimate American weekend.  

We also went chasing waterfalls... in Columbus!  There are a couple in Dublin that, while limited parking, are easy to get to if you know where to look (Hayden Falls and Indian Run Falls).

snoop land grant red white and boom red white and boom sweet carrot bomb pop dublin waterfalls dublin waterfalls not your fathers root beer first tomato

It's a short week after the long weekend... so it's a short meal plan...

chicken stir fry
shrimp po' boys
creamy salmon pasta
steak tacos

8 Things to Do in Cbus This Weekend (Independence Day Weekend)

It's a three-day weekend and we're about to have us some fun!  Fireworks, parades, cookouts, and 5ks... there are plenty of things going on, especially in each neighborhood around Columbus (check for your local fireworks here).  This week's list fills in the rest of your weekend with more fun!

What to do...

1. Most of the neighborhood fireworks are happening on the Fourth this year, so come downtown with the rest of Columbus and watch the largest display of fireworks in the Midwest, Red White and Boom... but first... put your reservation in now for Gallerie Bar's Red, White, and Blue Crab boil which includes parking in their garage.  Premium parking, AC, crab dinner, and fireworks for $29?!  Yes!!

2. If you like Pint House and Forno, check out the "sneak peek" opening of Standard Hall on Friday.  First people in the door get entered to with tickets to Austin City Limits music festival!

3. It's going to be another hot one this weekend, cool off with a beer and a dip in the pool!  Hoof Hearted is hosting a pool party on Saturday with DJ Thom playing his summer soundtrack.

4.  Clear Fork, normally known for skiing, is opening a summer adventure park, and Saturday is their opening day.  Tubing, wakeboarding, and zorbs... so much fun!

5.  If Clear Fork is too far of a drive, get tickets to Adult Day @ Camp, a fundraiser for Godman Guild's summer camps.  Everything gets started at 11am on Saturday at Camp Mary Orton.

6.  Stop by the Pizzuti Collection after they close (6pm) to get a unique view of the art while sipping OYO or Rockmill brews.  Afterward, head out to High Street for Gallery Hop.

7.  Get lined up on High Street Monday morning (since you don't have to go to work!!) and get ready for the Doo Dah Parade.  Dance around and join in on the fun!  Guaranteed to make you giggle.

8.  What's more American than hot dogs and baseball?  Celebrate our Independence Day cheering on the Clippers and more fireworks... don't forget your cowbell!

Where to eat...
Wolf's Ridge and Jackie O's are collabrating on a brunch menu for Saturday.  Check out the yummy four courses they have planned and the eight beers to choose from.

Where to drink...
Ohio Taproom is celebrating everything local with their Red Meat, White Wine, and Local Brew on Sunday (North Country CharcuterieDebonne Vineyards, and Rockmill Brewery) so come in between your cookouts for this delicious local sampling.

Weekly Menu

Hope you didn't melt away this weekend in the heat and humidity!  After checking out Comfest on Friday, we took our Jeep in for maintenence on Saturday and wandered over to Grandville for some brunch and checked out Three Tigers Brewing.  They're still working on brewing their own beers, but there will be some soon!  Then supporting our Crew with a kick off to fireworks week (keep an extra close eye on your pets!).

daya y noche three tigers brewing
columbus crew flyover hot chicken takeover 
red white and crew half price books 
columbus tanger outlet sharon woods 

Then today... went to check out the Columbus Tanger outlets, which are really in Delaware... and I'm pretty sure everyone else had the same idea.  I really just needed to make an exchange and I was running out of return window.  Any way, after getting through the traffic and finding a parking spot, the actual outlet mall was pretty nice, so I ended up sticking around to check a few stores out.   A lot of great brands and good deals going on!  I would recommend waiting another few weeks to avoid the traffic jam.

Alright, on to this week's meal plan.  What are you planning on making this week?

zucchini enchiladas
homemade pizza night
breakfast for dinner
shrimp po' boys and green beans

8 Things to Do in Cbus This Weekend

NatGeo Travel just posted an article about Columbus being the next cool travel destination now that everyone knows about cities like Brooklyn, Portland, and Austin... they lost a little of that cool edge.  We're still that undiscovered gem to most of the country.  I don't know where they got the nickname "biggest small town in America", but get out and enjoy our city this weekend... here are a couple things going on around town...

What to do...

1. After a fun Pride Fest last weekend, ComFest comes in and takes over.  Join the crowd of community lovers in Goodale Park; tie dye and flower headbands highly encouraged!

2.  We've been waiting over a year for this... the reopening of the main library downtown is this weekend!  The ribbon cutting ceremony is at noon and there are events all weekend.  The new space is beautiful with lots of natural light, tons of resources and meeting rooms, even an XBOX area for teens. 

3.  Speaking of books, Half Price Book's clearance sale is this weekend at the fairgrounds.  Bring a bookbag, because everything is priced $2 or less, so it is time to stock up!

4.  Listen to some live local bands and catch some fireworks at Powell Festival on Saturday.

5.  If you want live music, but want to cool off inside while listening... get a little bit of nostalgia with a side of fabulous at the Lincoln Theater where the Columbus Gay Mens Choir will be performing Finding Oz.

6.  Want to see what goes into your beautiful flower bouquets?  Go on a flower farm tour at Sunny Meadows Flower Farm on Sunday at 1pm and then pick up a couple bouquets for your place.

7.  Check out one of Columbus' historic neighborhoods at the Haus und Garten Tour of German Village on Sunday.  Start your tour at Pistacia Vera to caffeinate, check out a few homes, grab a seat on Lindey's patio for lunch, take an afternoon stroll through the Book Loft, and see a few more houses to finish out your German Village tour.

8.  Take a hike!  ... through Highbanks Metropark for a twilight hike on Sunday at 8pm... the hike ends with roasting marshmallows!  Be sure to look up, you might spot one of the resident bald eagles.

If you missed the Arts Festival a couple weekends ago, here's another chance to get you hands on some art (and it won't be quite as crowded)... Easton Art Affair!

Where to eat...
Eat ALL of the strawberries because it's Strawberry Festival time in London (Ohio).

Where to drink...
Head over to Grandview Hop on Saturday to explore some local vendors, but officially staking out your seat in the pop-up beer garden and enjoy some local brews in the summer sun.

 columbus library

Weekly Menu

Hope you a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.  We tried to stay outside as much as possible... even watching movies at the drive-in!  It's weekends like these that make you wish summer lasted forever.  Which, By the way happy summer solstice!  The day with the most daylight, but maybe not the most sunshine here in Columbus... oh well...

black brick mikeys late night 
snoop kayak 
herbn cafe south drive-in

Today was also the preview day of the new main library, which opens this Saturday.  You might be like me and visited the main library as a kid (I love the library system in Columbus, but other branches are so much closer to me).  I remember thinking about how many books and information could be housed in just one building.  

Well, now there's this thing called the internet (well, it was around back when I was a kid too, but maybe not quite as accessible), so the library has to keep up with the times... and Columbus Metropolitan Libraries is doing just that.  One of my favorite things the staff said this afternoon was something about libraries of the past focused on collection, libraries of the future focus on connection.  There are so many meeting spots, conference rooms, and even an XBOX area for teens, offering opportunities for connection everywhere.

The marble facade has been removed from the side and huge windows that have beautiful views of the city are in its place.  The marble wasn't wasted though, it was used in the sculpture by the outdoor eating/meeting area!  All of the natural light really opens the space up giving the library a light and airy feel (instead of cold, dark, and stuffy like libraries can be).

There are all kinds of events around the reopening of the Main Library going on this weekend... check them out here.

columbus library 
columbus library 
columbus library columbus library
columbus library columbus library
columbus library 

Well, we are already a day into this week, but here's the meal plan!

lamb burgers and asparagus
crab cakes and strawberry-spinach salad
spicy chicken and potato waffles
homemade pizza
perogies and green beans

What are you making this week?

8 Things to Do in Cbus This Weekend

After the heartwrenching news coming out of Orlando this weekend and Columbus Pride week starting, it is important to stay strong and show our support.  Afterall, there is a lot to be proud about!  "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." - MLK

It's also Father's Day this weekend, so grab your dad and make some memories!

What to do...
1. Of course, show your support for Orlando and the community here in Columbus by checking out some of the Pride festivities.  Don't miss the parade, be sure to catch a drag competition on the drag stage, and Saturday's activity lineup includes music, comedy, and performances.  There will be significantly increased security, so you can feel safe.

2. There are four stages at the Creekside Blues & Jazz festival.  Feel transported to New Orleans' Frenchmen Street without getting on a plane and then learn a couple swing moves.

3. Picnic with the Pops starts this Friday!  Grab a blanket, a picnic dinner, and watch the symphony's tribute to David Bowie by the moonlight.  Check out the rest of this seasons lineup (including Nelly!) here.

4. Have you ever wanted to try Tai Chi?  Those who practice always appear so zen while they make their precise moves under the shade of a tree.  Here's your chance to do just that with Tai Chi in the Garden at Inniswood Metro Park on Saturday morning.

5.  Get over to Franklinton for a Hip Hop and House Music patio party at Rehab Tavern.  It may look a little shady when you're parking by abandon warehouses, but it will definitely be a good time Saturday afternoon.

6. Nerds unite!  Just kidding, anyone can play at Origins Game Fair going on all weekend at the Convention Center.  Might be some good people watching moments with the cosplay costume contest.

7. Into country music?  You have choices this weekend!  Get tickets to Buckeye Country Superfest at the Horseshoe, or for a little calmer, less crowded option, the Washboard Music Festival in Logan.

8. The weather will be perfect to catch a double feature at the drive-in!  South drive-in (just south of downtown) is showing Finding Dory and Alice Through the Looking Glass this weekend... so pack up the kids or go with your friends... and enjoy two movies for the price of one outside under the stars!

Honorable mention for the Picasso exhibit opening at the Columbus Museum of Art this week... you'll be able to check it out until September, but don't miss it!

Where to eat...
Frequently name the best zoo in the country, Columbus Zoo is having their annual fundraiser and chance to see the zoo with a drink and no strollers, Zoofari!  Sample all of the the seemingly endless list of restaurants participating this year.

Where to drink...
Columbus has really become quite the cycling community with Pelotonia, clear bike lanes all over the city, and Tour de Grandview's 23rd race happening this Friday.  While most of us are not qualified to race in the event, cheer on the cyclist, listen to live music, and... drink in the streets because you can.  Ohio Taproom and Zauber will be pouring craft beers all night!

Weekly Menu

This past week was a lot of fun... a Columbus blogger meetup, our 9th wedding anniversary, and festivals galore!  Between the festivals we checked out the new parklet on Cherry Street... which essentially allows you to walk in the middle of a blue street with an art wall and sit down at a table and enjoy the weather.  Grab some brunch at North Star before checking out REI's garage sale for some deals on summer fun equipment.

brewcadia brewcadia anniversary 101 beer kitchen blue sky blue street taco skyline columbus columbus sunset dig fest digfest

I kind of forgot our anniversary was last week when I planned our meal plan, so we didn't get to one of the meals (it gets to come back for this week though)!  What are you planning to make this week?  Here is my plan...

homemade pizza night
ravioli with asparagus and garlic bread
crab cakes with corn on the cob and salad
turkey sloppy joes (I think they are called sloppy toms when it is ground turkey?)
taco night


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