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Hi! I'm Alley, thanks for visiting Alley's Recipe Book!

A little about the blog...
I started this blog really as a way to organize recipes for what I was cooking and baking.  Typing a couple words in the search box on my blog is way easier than going through recipe cards, cookbooks, and pages ripped from cooking magazines.  Before the blog, I thought I got organized with a recipe binder (or "recipe book") and would pull out five recipes a week for menu planning.  Well, the binder was so full of recipes, they would spill out every time I went to open the binder rings! 

As I started to read other food blogs, I thought my blog could be my creative outlet since my job is so analytical.  I started working on my photography, adding more commentary to my posts, and did mini research projects on topics I enjoy like nutrition and my hometown, Columbus, Ohio.  It's a fun hobby that keeps me organized and constantly trying new things!

A little about me...
I am from Columbus, born and raised.  While I complain about the weather here a lot, I love this city and the people in it (now if we could just move Columbus closer to the ocean, mountains, and warmth... I'd be a super happy camper).  My husband and I have a ornery Beagle-mix named Snoop.  He is my helper in the kitchen, cleaning up my messes since I'm quite the messy cook.

Of course I enjoy cooking and baking, but I also love to be outside.  Hiking, kayaking, gardening... you'll see photos from our outdoor adventures on the blog occasionally, usually with Snoop in them somewhere.

I grew up on a lot of convenience foods and started making them myself as an adult.  Several influencers (including my grandma and a couple books/documentaries) got me in the kitchen more often and really thinking about food in a different way.  I realized cooking dinner can still be pretty fast while being healthier and tastier with the right ingredients.  Friends and family started asking me for recipes and it is great to be able to send them a link with step-by-step photos!

Thanks again for checking out my little blog!


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