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Bridal Shower Brunch

bridal shower brunch food and games

When your friends know you cook and bake a lot, chances are likely you might find yourself hosting some parties.  Whether it be dinner parties, baby showers, birthday parties, or... bridal showers.  My little sister asked me to be her matron of honor.  Of course I immediately set up a secret pin board and started thinking about shower, bachelorette, and other wedding ideas! 

The food part comes pretty easy.  I usually stick to individual sized foods so there is no cutting or portioning out.  That definitely makes things easier to grab and is less messy.  Now some showers can get pretty corny and the games can be kind of embarrassing, so I try to think up games that are a little more unique and would have fun playing myself.  

So for my sister's shower we had a mimosa bar with several different juices and champagnes.  That way each guest could make their own combinations or just drink juice (or just drink champagne!).  The shower was at noon on a Sunday, so the food was very brunchy.  Cinnamon strussel muffins, cucumber salmon bites, fruit skewers, parfaits, mini spinach quiche, cinnamon french toast, and maple bacon.  Just the right amount of options that even the pickiest eaters will find something to eat.

bridal shower brunch food and games DSC00129
bridal shower brunch food and games DSC00132 

For the games, I usually stick to about three, but this time I ended up with four.

1. How Old Were They?  This game you take about a dozen pictures from both the bride and groom's childhood, number them, and have the guests guess who is in each photo and how old they were.  The funniest part is having the moms announce how old their kids were in the photos.  They may not get it exactly, but mom knows best, so go with her answers!

bridal shower brunch food and games bridal shower brunch food and games

2.  Who Has the Groom?  - This game is kind of like Clue and Guess Who combined.  Print out several male celebrity photos and one of the future groom.  Place each photo in an envelope and pass out the envelopes.  Everyone peeks at who they have (make sure the groom's picture has his name on it or something since there may be a few people that haven't met him yet).  Then everyone asks each other questions trying to find the groom.  It is a great ice breaker and fun to play while people are still finishing eating since everyone eats at different paces.

bridal shower brunch food and games

3.  The Almost Newlyweds Game - This is just entertaining to watch, but make it a game for the guests too.  Have them guess the couples answers to score points.  It the second round, they can score double the points by guessing the couples answers AND guessing if they will they will guess correctly!

1. Who is the better cook in the kitchen?
2. Who gets to control the TV remote?
3. Who usually gets their way with things?
4. How many kids are you hoping to have someday?
5. How many pairs of shoes does Kathleen own?
6. Who decided on the wedding song for the first dance?

The last six questions, write down what you think is their answer and also think about what your answer is!
7. If your house was on fire, what one thing would your spouse grab before leaving?
8. What is the first thing your spouse would buy if you won the lottery?
9. If your spouse was a superhero, what would be his or her super power?
10. If your spouse was an animal, what animal would s/he be?
11. Where would your spouse want to go on a dream vacation?
12. What is your spouse's dream job?

bridal shower brunch food and games bridal shower brunch food and games

4.  The Passing Game - Last, but not least, is the passing game.  You have a couple prizes that are easily passable.  Explain to the guests that you'll read a story and any time you say "right", they should pass the prize to their right, and "left" means pass to their left.  Then read the story as fast as possible and listen to everyone laugh as they start getting mixed up.  It doesn't matter the accuracy, just that everyone has fun!

<Bride's name> knew RIGHT away that she had found Mr. RIGHT and the RIGHT date was set. Now seemed to be the RIGHT time to start so she LEFT RIGHT after lunch and went RIGHT to her mother’s house. She LEFT in such a hurry that she LEFT her to do list RIGHT on the living room table. But there was no time to turn back. She knew she needed to get started RIGHT away to make sure nothing was LEFT undone.

With only <##> days until the wedding day, there seemed to be little time LEFT to spare and so much LEFT to do. She asked her mother to WRITE down a guest list because she knew mom would make sure no one was LEFT out.  <Bride's name> LEFT to find the RIGHT invitations. On her way, she LEFT a message at the florist and then RIGHT into the bridal shop she ran.

RIGHT in the window was the perfect dress. “Oh no, I LEFT my checkbook RIGHT in the car.” “Hold that dress, I’ll be RIGHT back.” With that accomplished, she called Mr. RIGHT and LEFT him a message to call her RIGHT back. She LEFT to meet the florist who had LEFT her a message that they had the RIGHT flowers for her.

Mr. RIGHT called her RIGHT back and said he LEFT a message for the preacher RIGHT down the road to call them RIGHT back and that he had just LEFT work and would be RIGHT over. She LEFT the florist and ran RIGHT over to meet Mr. RIGHT. RIGHT away they discussed what was LEFT to do. “Who will be the RIGHT best man?” She LEFT that up to Mr. RIGHT. “I’ll get the RIGHT maid of Honor.”

RIGHT away they started shopping for the RIGHT rings. With that done, the next stop was to order the RIGHT cake. Mr. RIGHT could clearly see his future Mrs. RIGHT was on the RIGHT track.
After a long day, they were both LEFT exhausted. All that was LEFT to do was get RIGHT home to see if any messages were LEFT while they were out. Sure enough, Mom had LEFT a message that the church RIGHT down the road was available so she requested it RIGHT away. Now that was not LEFT to worry about. “Lets call it a day.” “Whatever is LEFT to do, can be LEFT until tomorrow.”

So, now there is nothing LEFT to say except enjoy the rest of your day.  Just for fun though, pass once more to the LEFT.  Now see, that was fun, RIGHT? Yum

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  1. Seems a fun bridal shower brunch. Food items looks amazing and truly mouth-watering. Passing game idea is superb too, now I am also thinking to add games for fun in my bridal shower at New York wedding venues. My friends gonna enjoy playing games there.



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