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Weekly Menu

Spring has finally made it to Ohio!  Spent the day outside and celebrating my nephews' birthdays.  If only the weather could stay like this... no jacket, sunshine, and spring flowers.  Speaking of flowers, I used some of my time outdoors today trading out my spent herb garden for new plants (every nursery seemed to know how sad my herbs looked because they were on sale everywhere).  It's so useful to have the herbs I use frequently growing inside my house!

This week is a little crazy for menu planning... a few nights of cooking for one, two nights out, need some snacks for the road, and a couple fridge-to-oven-to-plate meals.

stuffed chicken parm (oops, didn't get to this last week)
spinach salad rollups
chicken and broccoli white lasagna rolloups (fridge-to-oven)
mexican stuffed shells (fridge-to-oven)
baked banana chips

Oh, and I figured out a new trick when I was making pretzel chicken last week.  Instead of smashing the pretzels yourself and making a mess doing it... have your KitchenAid mixer do the work.  Just put two cups of pretzels in the bowl, your normal mixing paddle, cover your mixer with a grocery bag (so pretzel bits don't fly), and let it go on low while you get everything else ready!  So easy!


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