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Waffle Sammies - total time 15 minutes

I love sandwiches.  And I am very particular about them.  Everything has to be stacked in a specific order.  No condiments because I hate soggy bread.  And everything has to be even... I don't want one bite of veggies, then one of cheese, then one of just bread... ick.  My husband makes fun of me for restacking my sandwiches at restaurants.  They just taste better that way!  I don't know if it is the order that it hits your tastebuds or the fact that the veggies need to be with other veggies.

Paninis are great too, kind of like grilled cheese sandwiches.  I have a panini pan that I have used in the past...  Even though it has a paddle to press the sandwich together, it is just not the same as a panini press.  I do have a waffle maker though.  If you can squish your sandwich enough to close it... waffle makers make cute panini presses!

slices of soft bread (like white or wheat, not sour dough or rye)
meat (optional)

1.  Heat up waffle iron.  
2.  Prepare sandwich like you would for a panini.
3.  Spray waffle iron with olive oil.  Put sandwich on iron, squeeze and close shut.  Trim any pieces sticking out of waffle iron.
4.  After 3-5 minutes, remove sammie and enjoy!

oops, bread slicer skipped a loaf!


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