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I made chili for the first time yesterday for a Sunday football chili cook-off.  Well, I guess it wasn't really a cook-off (although it was the most crockpots I have ever seen collectively), it was more of a as-soon-as-you-set-it-down-it's-gone kind of chili smorgasbord and there was not voting and no winner (besides the Colts).  But yeah, chili for the first time... it turned out okay.  Not sure what I was expecting.  I don't like chili, which is why I have never made it before.  But every home cook has their own chili recipe... with a secret ingredient or technique that makes it different from every other chili.


How do you make you chili?  

I don't like beans (which is part of the reason I'm not chili's number one fan), so I didn't put beans in my recipe.  My husband said the beans are what makes chili, well, chili.  I'm not sure I follow his logic.  It is the chili peppers/powder that makes chili what it is, whether its the blue ribbon winner or your uncle's secret recipe.

On to this week's menu...
Alley Doughs (calzones)
chicken with dijon cream sauce and salad
jerk shrimp po' boys
butternut and leek soup with grilled cheese
cashew chicken and potatoes

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