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Weekly Menu

Ugh, last week I was lazy and didn't plan a menu.  I was reminded why I started doing this in the first place!  

"What do you want for dinner?"
"Food.  What do you want for dinner?"
"Good food."
... 10 minutes later...
"What do you want for dinner?"

Ugh!  I hate that inevitable conversation when nothing is planned.  I actually did have two recipes planned in my head, but that obviously was not enough!  We even had several nights planned for meals at restaurants.  Just goes to show, always make a menu!  :)

One of those nights out included going back to Athens for homecoming...


Walking around town with college friends reminded me how much I miss college!  Miss being able to walk down the hallway to see friends, getting loud at hockey games, two drink pool games, walking up those darn brick hills, Court Street shenanigans, and everything that is college (except tuition, I still get a reminder of that every month).  Now we're all grown up and spread out across the country, some of us even have kids.  It was nice to have a day in Athens to forget about our grown up lives if even for just a moment.

Alight... this week's menu...
creamy tortellini soup
paninis of some sort (since we normally never have bread, but made grilled cheese today)
pretzel chicken and potatoes
jerk shrimp and salad

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