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Happy Easter!  It's amazing that we started this last week with snow on the ground and now it is back in the mid 70s.  That's Ohio weather for you, I guess.  Those snow covered daffodils popped right back up once it warmed up again.  Tons of beautiful blooms that make me so happy every time I look out the window.  :)

daffsnow DSC08715

Last frost date is still a couple weeks away for us, but I couldn't help myself, I had to plant a few flowers this weekend while doing some much needed yard work.  I think this year was the worst cabin fever yet... everyone was outside doing the same thing!

DSC08710 DSC08712
image image

The last picture is of the bunny cake my mom makes for Easter (some times it is a lamb, this year she made the bunny).  Cute, right?

Well, now that Easter is here and Lent is over, my husband gets to pick out the menu for the week after being a *sorta* good sport about the whole meat-free for 40-some-odd days (he didn't give up meat, but everything I made for dinner was vegetarian, so he kind of did).  So here it is...

chicken and broccoli alfredo pizza
Fugu Friday

Fugu is a little sushi place close to our house (actually, they just expanded, so it's not so little any more).  We seem to go at least one Friday a month and for smaller celebrations (job offers, holidays, etc).  My husband has been desperately wanting some Fugu since Lent began... he even went one night by himself.  So he's really excited for Fugu Friday... and for the enchiladas... and for the po boys... and for the stuffed shells... and... and... 

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