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Fresh Thyme


It's been a busy month, but I wanted to let you know about a new grocery option in the area (and get on a soapbox for a minute).  Fresh Thyme opened on Sawmill Road a couple weeks ago.  It reminded me of Sunflower Market which I used to frequent six years ago in the same area.  It is a value based organic grocery store specializing in bulk bins, convenience foods, and produce.  It is kind of like a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's combined.  Both of which are withing a mile of this store (soapbox time...).  I wish they would have put something like this in Pickerington or Grove City, areas of Columbus that are underserved in organic grocery options. 

I would't say this could be your only store to get all of your grocery... but it is a good substitute for the higher prices at Whole Foods and the lower standards at your normal grocery.  There were lines of people at the deli and prepared foods area, so it must be good.  I just grabbed a few things, which were quiet random (said the cashier), but they were all great (including their chocolate chip cookies, which I'm pretty much an expert in judging).  Definitely something to check out!  

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