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Weekly Menu

Hope everyone is nice and rested from that extra hour to the weekend!  Now the sun seems to be setting in the early afternoon and really makes it feel like it is time to hibernate...

Have you seen Sociality Barbie's Instagram yet?  Fox in the Snow always makes me think of that account, which is always good for an ironic laugh.  Fox in the Snow has to be one of the most Instagrammed locations in Columbus...

Finally got around to going to Wolf's Ridge Brewing restaurant after having been to the taproom several times.  The cool thing about a restaurant that has a constantly changing menu is that you get to try new things all of the time.  Unfortunately, it also means good items rotate off the menu.  we'll have to go back, but check the menu first!  I hear their brunch is amazing.

After Wolf's Ridge, we went to see BalletMet's Dracula, which was pretty fun!  I needed to read the program to remember some of the story.  We have been to a couple ballets now, so I should know to read up a little beforehand so everything makes a little more sense without any words... oops!

fox in the snow fox in the snow 
wolfs ridge brewery wolfs ridge cheese plate 
pear taste test great pumpkin charlie brown 
early sunset

Alright, it's menu time...

pizza night
creamy dijon chicken and brussel sprouts
shrimp po' boys and green beans
lamb sliders and crispy potatoes
then up to Cleveland for my cousin's wedding!


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