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Weekly Menu

The weekend is over already... :(  At least for us it was super relaxing, almost lazy even.  Today was a beautiful day to be outside!  I'm pretty sure this year has to be a record for the amount of fall color in Ohio... so beautiful!  

We went to El Vaquero for dinner this weekend, just the two of us... and they asked if we wanted guac for our chips.  Of course the answer was yes, that is the only answer when involving guac.  A few minutes later a bowl of guac the size of my head arrives!  Holy guacamole!  ;)  

el vaquero giant guac stuffed acorn squash 
autumn leaves canning tomatoes

Last week's stuffed acorn squash was quite delicious, so look for the recipe on the blog soon!

Now that the garden is torn down and only a bit of lettuce and herbs are left growing, it feels like it time to start hibernating.  :/  I can't believe Halloween is next weekend, which means November will be here... then the holidays and winter.  The year seems to have flown by...

And with another week comes another meal plan...

butternut and leek soup with grilled cheese
ravioli, green beans and garlic bread
spinach enchiladas
chicken fried rice
rosemary chicken and mashed potatoes


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