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Poptails - total time 2.25 hours

Beach vacations always call for some cold, boozy drinks.  The forecast is 90s and sunny on the beach this week... so I'm thinking those cold drinks need to be frozen!  Before we left, I test out a couple poptail recipes... popsicle cocktails... yummy!  Just a few ingredient mixed with some booze make some really tasty frozen treats.

I experimented with four recipes... a yogurt mudslide, blackberry cheesecake, banana Nutella, and piƱa colada.  All were pretty tasty... but I picked two to make at the beach this time.  And the winners are yogurt mudslide and banana Nutella (the two with chocolate, I guess that isn't too surprising).  (For more ideas go to endless simmer.)

The instructions for all four poptails is the same... blend all the ingredients together, pour into popsicle mold and add popsicle stick, and freeze for about two hours (depending on your popsicle molds and freezer).  All ingredients listed below will make about eight popsicles...

Yogurt Mudslide
1 large banana
4 cups greek yogurt
.5 cup baileys
.5 cup kaluha
.5 cup dark chocolate chips

Blackberry Cheesecake
2 cups cream cheese
1 cup cream
1 cup milk
1 cup blackberries
1 cup vanilla vodka
.5 cup powdered sugar
graham cracker crumbs optional

Banana Nutella
5 bananas
1.5 cups Nutella
1 cup creme de cacao
.5 cups dark chocolate chips

Pina Colada
3 cups pineapple juice
1 cup Malibu rum
.5 cup cream
.5 cup milk

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