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Weekly Menu

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Labor Day weekend is the start of apple season for Lynd's Fruit Farm near our house.  Every week they open a different section of their orchard to the public for picking and each section is a different variety of apple.  Families come from all over to pick apples with their kids, some even bring their dogs (Snoop would be eating all of the apples and would look more like a pig by the end).  I always associate apples with autumn and usually forget to check the apple schedule until the last week.  This year is the first time we got apples that weren't winesap or goldrush... we actually got some of their honeycrisp apples which are fully picked from the orchard within 24 hours!

So with about 30 pounds of apples, I have some baking to do!  My husband is requesting apple crisps and I will definitely be making some fresh apple juice with my juicer.  Here are some other apple recipes to try out... slow cooker applesauceapple pie chipsapple cider caramel cookies, and personal apple pies.

Last week was a busy week making for a hectic, on-the-go dinner schedule.  This week might be a little more low key and get us back on track.  So here is this week's menu...

sloppy joes with salad
chicken pomodoro with garlic pasta
turkey apple and cheddar grilled cheese
stuffed shells


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