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Finally!  We got some above freezing temperatures yesterday!  Unfortunately my husband is feeling under the weather.  But I had cabin fever, so we had to get out of the house, if even for a little bit.  We headed to the Short North where new things seem to be opening every week to go to Melt for a bite (initially to share something, but we waited so long it became dinner).


If you have never heard of Melt before, it is a hot sandwich restaurant that stacks them high and cheesy.  We both ended up with fried chicken on our sandwiches.  Mine was basically chicken parmesan on Texas toast and his was buffalo chicken with bleu cheese.  Both were oh so tasty but left us in food comas and feeling some pressure in our arteries.  Not exactly healthy, but they do have several vegetarian and vegan options (not that they are much healthier).  Some times you just have to indulge.  :)

So today is going to be a lazy day while my husband recovers from his cold.  We'll pay some attention to the Super Bowl (mainly the commercials).  We're not that into football (except when my fantasy players are in the game), but went to both cities on vacation in the past 18 months.  So... go sports!  Haha.

Here is this week's meal plan...

mexican chicken and rice
broccoli alfredo bake
lobster bisque and "piada" stick
chicken with creamy dijon sauce and brussel sprouts
pan pierogis Yum

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