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Weekly Menu

Last week, I turned the big 3-0.  That coupled with recent career moves for both my husband and I as well as finally paying off my student loans made me want to dig out my 10-year financial plan from my Personal Finance class I took my senior year of college.  

Ironically, a lot of it was spot on... I even had the student loan payoff and our plans to vacation in Europe this year.  There were a couple things that were a little off, but most of them have turned out better in reality.

There was one thing in my financial plan that made me laugh out loud (I was reading this at, like, 3:00 in the morning because for some reason I had this itch to find it... I tend to laugh a lot when I'm tired).  I had built in a contingency plan for year 15.  If the economic conditions were right, I was going to open a bar with my friend and name it The Hula Hut.  The heat would be on high, there would be sand on the floor, a tiki bar and grass skirts everywhere.  It seemed like a perfect escape for people stuck in snowy areas.

Well... apparently I was on to something and someone else thinks the same way.  We found Grass Skirt Tiki Room in the middle of Columbus!  We had dinner there over the weekend (Hawaiian food, of course) and I couldn't help but think back to the times when I wanted to open something just like it.  So cool to see something you dreamed up in real life... even if it isn't yours.

(love the lit up volcano covered in snow)

Also, in the spirit of last week's post... we pulled a popsicle stick from the jar and went to 16-bit bar.  Order a drink, play for free, and rock out to 80s tunes... pretty cool way to spend a few hours.

Alright... on to this week's menu.  Pretty typical week... except for the ricotta fritters.

rosemary chicken with crispy roast potatoes
taco night
ricotta fritters and tomato sauce

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