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Weekly Menu

Yesterday we had a glimpse of Spring in Ohio.  It was sunny and the birds were singing!  Just enough to remind us nice days are coming which is making me want them even more!

Today, however, has been quite the opposite.  Cold and cloudy... a great day to stay inside in your pajammas.  And that's just what I plan to do.  My Up band just reminded me how lazy my Sunday has been so far by telling me I have only gotten to 2% of my daily steps in.  Haha... oops!

While I might not be getting my steps in, I spent the day making bracelets for summer time.  Its one of those things you see in stores and think "I could make that"... and then you see it on Pinterest and think "if other people can make them, so can I"... and then you never get around to it.  I've had most of these supplies sitting around for months.  It was time to get around to it!

The six-strand circle braid was pretty frustrating, but I eventually got the hang of it (instructions here).  Everything else was pretty easy, just needed some needle-nosed pliers and scissors and was good to go!  Now I really can't wait for summer to pile on my bracelets!  :)

Alright... I don't think we'll get through our full menu this week, but here it is!

Alley Doughs
spinach dip alfredo
pretzel chicken and cauliflower gratin
spinach enchiladas
shrimp po' boys

What are you planning to make this week? Yum

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