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Ricotta Fritters - total time 25 minutes

I can't remember what I first saw Jamie Oliver in, but I became a pretty big fan of his after watching Food Revolution where he tried to make an impact on healthier school lunches in America.  I don't think I ever saw an episode of the Naked Chef, which was Jamie's first US cooking show, but I saw several episodes of Jamie at Home.  Love the way he says the word basil... makes me giggle every time.

Now he has a show that airs on CBS every Saturday morning called Jamie's 15-minute meals.  I LOVE this show!  Not only does he make home cooked meals in 15 minutes flat (there is a timer and everything), he shares tons of tips on how to get dinner ready faster and easier (like having a garlic press or the fastest way to cut a bell pepper).  The show is 30 minutes long... that means he cooks two complete dinners that are healthy and made from whole ingredients.  

15 minutes... everyone has 15 minutes to make something delicious to eat.

So do the meals really take only 15 minutes?  Well, it's pretty darn close.  I've made 3-4 of his 15-minute recipes now and it does take me longer than 15 minutes... but not much longer.  Jamie Oliver has a bit more skill in the kitchen than I do or any other home cook.  But I did buy a garlic press because garlic is in just about everything I make.  It probably saves me a good 3 minutes!  (I also bought a nifty parm grater like the ones they have in restaurants and they ask is you would like any fresh cracked pepper or parmesan.  It doesn't really save any time, but I think it is sooo cool!)

I was a little apprehensive about trying these ricotta fritters at first.  Just thought it sounded a little strange.  They are kind of creamy and fluffy at the same time.  If you have had ricotta pancakes, they are kind of the same concept with less flour (and for dinner).  Give 'em a go and you'll be glad you did!  :)

12 oz ricotta
1 egg
.5 cup flour
1 garlic clove, minced
.25 cup parm, shredded
italian herbs
salt and pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup tomato sauce

1.  Combine ricotta, parm, egg, herbs, salt, and pepper together.  Add in the flour until the batter resembles the consistency of pancake batter.
2.  In a pan on medium heat, add olive oil.  I needed to be more generous with the olive oil then normal to keep the fritters from sticking to the pan.  Scoop out ricotta batter into the hot pan and smooth out into flat pancakes.  Cook for about 4 minutes.  
3.  Carefully loosen the pancakes from the pan with a spatula and flip them.  Cook for another 4 minutes.  Serve fritters on a bed of tomato sauce and enjoy.

DSC07795 DSC07797
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