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Weekly Menu

Hope you had a fabulous 3-day Fourth of July weekend filled with friends and fireworks!  I wish every weekend could be three days... we were able to pack in so much more fun stuff with just one extra day!

Had some delicious lasagna at Carfagna's while catching up and a little wedding planning with my sister and mom.  Apparently we need to do this more often because we stood outside the restaurant talking for another 40 minutes after they closed.  Made some chocolate chip banana muffins and took them into work before the long weekend started.  

After a few years of talking about it, we finally made it to the Doo Dah Parade.  Pretty funny to watch.  Definitely some characters.  


Our dog, Snoop, loves to go for a ride.  Little did he know it was going to be on water (which he hates being wet)!  He didn't like trying to maintain "sea legs" so he jumped off the kayak and liked that even less.  After a bit of a struggle getting him back in the kayak and calmed down, we went around Hoover and he had fun sniffing and chasing ducks around the reservoir.  

Any way... on to this weeks meal plan...

burgers and broccoli
shredded chicken loaded nachos and potatoes
shrimp tacos
blackberry bourbon chicken and mashed potatoes and sauteed carrots
roasted tomato and garlic pasta Yum

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