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After an off-and-on stormy day, it ended with a full rainbow while I was making dinner tonight.  A colorful reminder that there is always a silver lining, you just have to wait and be looking for it.


On the weekends we like to go out to eat, mostly because we're already out and about.  So to get out of our same-place-every-Friday rut, we have been trying new restaurants every week for a couple months now.  It's great to find new favorites and dishes to recreate at home.  This week we went to Cork in Gahanna.  It is a cute little wine bar with Italian tapas, entrees, and desserts and most of the dishes incorporate wine in them.  The chocolate berry lava cake was delicious!

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

Enjoyed some sunshine this weekend reading the first issue of Stock & Barrel and out on the kayak (maybe a little too much sun, ouch).  Tomatoes are starting to ripen and the mint is telling me it is mojito time!

Spent some time in the garden in between the storms today and found some zucchini I hadn't noticed before.  They are huge!  So to get back in control of the harvest, we'll be catching up by eating zucchini nearly every night including some zucchini bread in there too.  What was I thinking when I planted enough seeds for SIX zucchini plants?!?

pizza night
stuffed zucchini with green beans
zucchini lasagna
okra corn cakes with sauteed zucchini
creamy salmon pasta

extras: zucchini bread and baked peaches Yum

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