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Try the World Review

I don't know if Try the World has been blowing up your Facebook newsfeed with their sponsored posts, but they sure have been on mine!  The posts keep featuring Paris, which brings back lovely memories of buttery croissants and decadent french cooking.  So after reading some reviews, I decided to give in and try a three box package which came with a free sampler box too!

It took a couple weeks to get the first box and the free sampler box came within a few days of the Paris box... so back-to-back surprises.  :)  The box is in my favorite color... but it is what's inside that is important.  The sampler box came with a thank you note and a sampling of several future cuisines we'll get to try including French, Belgian, Japanese, and English.

#trytheworld #trytheworld

The second box was the Paris box which had a card with descriptions of the contents, a little book about Paris (including some music, movies, and poetry to really get you in the French mindset), and several more items than the sampler box.  It included caramels, dark chocolate, whole grain mustard, fruit jellies, fig jam, cookies, and this thing called chestnut spread.  Oh man, this chestnut spread was delicious!  Coincidentally, we had some croissants from Pistacia Vera, so I put some of the chestnut spread on the croissant (with my homemade espresso) and it was just like being in Paris!  It reminded me of the almond pastry filling and a little bit of Nutella without the cocoa.  Mmm!  I remembered seeing horse chestnut trees (which look like buckeye trees) all over Paris, so I can totally see how this is a French favorite.  :)

#trytheworld #trytheworld
chestnut spread

We have to wait two months for the next box, which is probably either Italy, Turkey, or Japan based on the previews and reviews I've read.  At $35 a box which includes the shipping, it's a little expensive, but so far, definitely worth it!  :)

(This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are both honest and my own.)

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