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Weekly Menu

Hope you have an extended weekend with President's Day tomorrow!  I know I am taking the day off (as well as the rest of the week).  Depending on how frigid it is tomorrow, may go to the Columbus Zoo because it is free admission (half price admission the rest of February in celebration of 2014 attendance records).

This weekend we celebrated both my birthday and Valentine's Day (of course), but the real celebration comes later this week with a tropical getaway!  :)  We made delicious Ohio lamb kabobs, which made the whole house smell like grilling season.  Then finishing off my birthday with a birthday cake cookie from the Cravory!  When a baker says these are the best cookies ever, you should probably order a box!  ;)

We kept the whole weekend kind of chill (because it was way below freezing outside) and stayed in for Valentine's dinner with crab cakes and steamed broccoli... nothing like a $9 meal for two on Valentine's!  Even a reservation at White Castle would have cost more!

lamb kabobs birthday cake cravory cookie
kroger roses valentines lunch
 snoop dog
Isn't the Snoopster so cute?!?  He was being good sitting in the back of the Jeep on his way to grandma and grandpa's house where he is getting spoiled all week long.

So this week's menu is short because of vacation, so you can also check out some other meal plans here...

spaghetti and meatballs
chicken and potato waffles
vegetarian crunchwraps

What are you planning on making this week? Yum

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