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Dei Fratelli

dei fratelli

I got a chance to work with Dei Fratelli, an Ohio based company specializing in canned and cartoned tomato products.  Now I typically grow and can my own tomatoes, but this summer will be a first time since having a garden I will not be growing tomatoes.  Since my garden is so small, the only way to avoid tomato blight in the plants is to take a year off.  So I was kind of in a conundrum because I'm not giving up tomatoes for a whole year.  The next best thing to growing and canning your own tomatoes is supporting a company that is local, organic, and GMO free!

Dei Fratelli is based out of northwest Ohio and sources nearly all of their tomatoes from family farms in Ohio and Michigan.  You can get their crushed tomatoes to tomato juice to salsa to marinara sauce in cans, jars, and cartons.  I picked up some of their cartons and they have one of the coolest tricks I've seen... the seal, that is always impossible to get open with slippery cooking hands opens when you unscrew the cap, thought that was pretty amazing!  Also, I love the cartons because you can store the unused portion in you fidge for almost two weeks... which is perfect when you're only cooking for one or two people.

The best part is that it tastes like home canning!  When you unscrew that cap, you get the same wiff of summer just like after that mason jar lid clicks off the jar.  Probably one of my favorite smells in the winter.   If you're in the market for some canned tomatoes, definitely give Dei Fratelli a try!  Not only are you supporting a local company and local farmers, but it also tastes better.  :)  Also, enter to win a few cartons to try by entering here!

Here are some recipes to try...

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