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Weekly Menu

Can't get enough of these beautiful blue skies!  What a pretty day, despite being somewhat cold.  Just had to take the Snoop to Pine Quarry for a nice walk... love that it is so close to my house.  :)

pine quarry city park pine quarry city parkpine quarry city park pine quarry city park

Saturday was quite cold and rainy, so we headed down to IKEA for the first time ever!  Finally got some adult dressers after using hand-me-downs for so long.  IKEA is definitely an experience... I'm not used to spending that much time in one store.  The way that it snakes around, you probably walk at least a mile while shopping... well, I was gimping around with my ankle contusion.  :(  

After spending a few hours hobbling around, we made a pit stop at the Cincinnati Premium outlets (as if I hadn't had enough outlet shopping from two weeks ago)... but we did get some great deals at Columbia.  Can't wait to have our National Park road trip vacay, now I'm getting into the vacation research too.  

And now for this week's meal plan...

sausage stuffed baby peppers
spaghetti and meatballs 
grilled chicken caesar salad 
Then prepping some food for an overnight hike this weekend!  Those winter clearance items from Columbia will come in handy.  :)

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