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Forno Pizza Kitchen


If you haven't been to Forno yet in the Short North, what are you waiting for?!  After the success of Pint House, the owners opened this restaurant down the street.  Many of the menu items are local, and as the name suggests (forno=oven in Italian), many of the dishes are cooked in a wood-fired oven.  Tons of daylight streaming in the large windows with fancy light fixtures and nice seating, but the prices are certainly reasonable.  At around $11 for an appetizer and $14 for a pizza, dinner for two is just $25.

Now that I have been to Forno a few times, I have yet to try something that wasn't excellent.  The warm ricotta with baked peaches was delicious, almost sweet enough to be a dessert.  The arancini (risotto balls) were a lighter take on fried mozzarella.  And every time we get the forno chicken pizza, because if it's good enough to put their name on it, it's good enough for me!  :)

So, now that you're ready for pizza night at Forno, don't let the doors trick you... there are three doors, but use the one on the left (most southern)... the others do not open and you'll look kind of silly tugging on them.

forno pizza kitchen forno
forno forno pizza kitchen  

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