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Slate Run Historical Farm

plow horses at slate run farm

It wasn't raining last Saturday, so we spent the entire day outside since these days have been few and far between this summer.  (If you need something to do when it's raining, check out this list.)  One of the things on our list was just outside of Columbus that peaked our interest when we drove by a couple weeks ago... Slate Run Historical Farm.

We are avid users of our Ohio Metro Parks... but a farm?  

It was pretty awesome!  :)  A great place to take children for them to see how a farm works and where their food comes from.  I was particularly obsessed with taking pictures of the chickens (one day... I'll have a flock of my own).  The baby piglets were adorable, although the mud around them was unbearably stinky, ick.

The farm includes cows, horses, sheep, chicken, turkey, bee hives, and pigs.  There is a large garden of beans, squash, tomatoes, herbs, pickles, and peppers.  Larger fields of corn and pumpkins.  A smoke house and root cellar show how farmers preserve food.  And inside the farm house there is usually something baking in the kitchen and demonstrations going on.  Also several barns for making flour out of grain, making brooms, blacksmithing horse shoes, and more.

If you're looking for something fun to take kids to on a nice day, pack a picnic (there is a nice shady picnic area right at the farm entrance) and go down the farm!  

pecking order at slate run farm chicken  at slate run farm
hen house at slate run farm hen house at slate run farm 
slate run historical farm cabbage at slate run farm 
piglet nap at slate run farm baby piglet at slate run farm 
oink oink at slate run farm 
turkey turkey at slate run farm sheep finding the herd at slate run farm 
broom making at slate run farm bee keeping at slate run farm 
curing meats at slate run farm canning vegetables at slate run farm 
barn yard at slate run farm heres lookin at you kid at slate run farm 


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  1. We have farms like this here in Oregon. My kids love petting the animals. - Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina



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