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Weekly Menu

Well, summer finally arrived with some scorching heat and humidity this weekend.  People were passing out from heat exhaustion and dehydration at Jazz & Rib Fest!  Unfortunately the weather is always unpredictable in the Midwest, but I try to keep a bottle of water in the car and one in my purse at all times because dehydration is the worst.  Headaches, grouchiness, cramps, fainting... not good.  And sometimes you just want some water... so it is always good to have around!

I don't eat ribs often... in fact... maybe twice a year... but I spent a good chunk of my weekend at Jazz & Rib Fest.  When the best in the world are in town, you might as well indulge a little.  After more meat than my body could really handle, I had a plate full of steamed green beans for dinner to hopefully restore balance.  :)

Jazz comes first in Jazz & Rib Fest because of how the event started (as a jazz music series in July on the Scioto River front), but also because of the rich jazz history in Columbus, specifically the King Lincoln and Olde Towne East neighborhoods.  The ribs just came along because people were hungry.  ;)  Even though the grass was a bit soggy and shade was a hot commodity, it was great to see Columbus enjoying the tunes.

columbus jazz and rib fest columbus jazz and rib fest
buckeye funnel cake downtown columbus
sunshine finally homemade pizza
Thursday was a perfect day with blue skies, sunshine, and just the right temperature.  Could use about 364 more of those days!

moonlight market its raining its pouring
balloon flowers floral ohio flag

Alright, enough about this weekend, how about the week ahead of us?  Here's my plan for the week...

summer harvest pizza
zoodles with turkey meatballs
biscuit pockets
roasted tomato and garlic bowties
shrimp fajitas

What are you planning to make? Yum


  1. The Jazz fest sounds like it was a lot of fun. My husband and I like to sample the cuisine at local festivals. We always find new inspiration for our weekly menus there. Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

    1. Isn't it funny how going out to eat can inspire you to cook more at home? We go out to eat about twice a week to try new restaurants and new foods. :)



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