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Weekly Menu

It seems like everyone was camping, hiking, or doing something outside while enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend!  So many fun pictures while catching up on my newsfeeds while camping at Lake Hope State Park.  It was nice to have some time to unplug and get away from "the city" and all that city life brings (traffic, noise, light pollution, etc).  Plus, it is fun try to cook on an open fire. 

lake hope kayaking 
chicken fajita camping hammock camping sleepy snoop lake hope sunset
My husband wanted to take some star pictures with his new app that makes his phone a trigger for his camera.  So while he was getting fancy, I took some handheld star pics... which is sooo hard.  Definitely have more blurry or just plain darkness pictures than I have good ones, but getting any good ones by hand was better than I thought I could do!  Here are a couple... one with moon beams (which I'm almost as obsessed with as sun beams) and another with hope furnace slightly lit by the moon.

moon beams and stars hope furnace under the stars

We got home this morning, so I checked on the garden.  Squash are still climbing... and I got four strawberries before the birds or slugs did!  They were tiny, but soo tasty. Homegrown berries are the best for sure. :)  Then we cooled off and ended the weekend with some Jeni's ice cream...  My favorite is a trio of salty caramel, dark chocolate, and black espresso, but since Jeni's isn't at full production capacity, and therefore limited flavors, I tried the new root beer one.   Tastes like a fully frozen root beer float.  

butterfly garden blooming climbing squash vines baby berries jenis root beer float 

On to this week's plan...

cilantro lime shrimp with mexican rice
shrimp po' boys and sauteed zucchini
chicken sour cream enchiladas and cilantro lime corn
roasted tomato and garlic pasta
loaded shredded chicken nachos


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