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Weekly Menu

Summer harvests are in full swing at this point.  If you have a backyard garden, chances are that you're sick of zucchini, bringing in tomatoes every few days, corn on the cob is your side dish every night, and peppers are starting to spice up your dinners.  We're about to be overwhelmed with habanero peppers... which I only grow to make some jerk sauce at the end of summer.  We're going to have gallons of jerk sauce based on just two little plants!  

While we're talking about homegrown veggies... Reynoldsburg celebrated their 50th Tomato Festival this weekend!  I try to go most years since it is basically down the street and I really enjoy the history behind why Reynoldsburg has a tomato festival in the first place.  I even entered some of my own tomatoes to be judged one year... but I was only willing to part with a few yellow pears, which didn't win any ribbons.  Not wasting my purple cherokee on a contest rather than enjoying them right in the garden!  :)

Oh, remember the rainbow earlier in the week?  That was the brightest, most vivid rainbow I have ever seen!  First time I could actually see the distinction between all seven colors (roygbiv).  And how Midwestern of me to take a picture of the rainbow over a cornfield... just on my way home from work.  ;)

midwest rainbow blue skies
stately reflections sun roof columbus food truck festival columbus food truck festival reynoldsburg tomato festival homemade sauce
camera store hoover reservoir

If you're in Cbus, hope you were able to make it out to the Food Truck Festival.  The thing I like most about food truck is the fact that the owners can be so creative.  No one is really expecting the same menu items every time... they want to be surprised and try new things.  

Good thing I'm not operating a food truck, because I'm not trying anything new this week.  Instead, summer vegetables are dictating what we're eating this week... and you'll hear no complaints from me!  :)  Here's this week's meal plan...

pizza night
spaghetti and turkey meatballs with homemade sauce from garden tomatoes
grilled caesar salad with corn off the cob
eggplant parmesan
sausage stuffed peppers Yum

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