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Weekly Menu

Another pretty chill weekend soaking up the last weekends of summer.  Cleared out some of the garden to make way for some lettuce which should be ready by the end of September, just before any risk of frost... can't believe I'm saying frost already while it is 80 degrees outside.  :(

Have you heard about nitro coffee yet?  Cold brewed coffee put through a tap kind of like Guinness.  It gets this frothy head and tastes really smooth.  Also, twice as much caffeine (so it is served in a smaller cup)!  Try it over at Five Bean in Reynoldsburg...

habaneros oodles of zoodles basil limoncello chocolate peanut butter milkshake nitro coffee nitro coffee draft day sunset reflections

Today was my fantasy football draft day... also known as the most stressful hour of this weekend.  Ugh... I don't even care about football... but for some reason I play anyway.  Then pop up showers for the remainder of the evening made the puddle behind Kroger officially lake status.  The sunset was reflecting in this mosquito breeding ground as I walked home with my groceries.  One of those moments you need to stop and smell the roses... :)

All of those habaneros in the first picture will eventually get made into jerk chicken... but I'll save that for the weekend.  So here is the plan for the week...

chicken caesar salad
shrimp po' boys
lamb burgers
chicken & sour cream enchiladas
creamy dijon chicken and potatoes


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