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Cherbourg Bakery Review

cherbourg bakery

Last weekend, while trying to find somewhere to go for lunch in Bexley, we found this little cute little bakery on Drexel.  I'm constantly on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie in town (currently a tie between Patty Cake Bakery and Sharon's cookies found at Lynd's Fruit Farm market).  Every time I see a bakery, I must stop and try their cookies!

We stopped in Cherbourg Bakery only about an hour before closing.  As such, there was a limited selection from their menu available.  Everything is gluten and nut free, so it's a great option for people with allergies but still have a sweet tooth... great find since we just found out my nephew is allergic to tree nuts.  The menu spans from muffins and brownies to donuts and cupcakes... a little bit of everything!  

They are known for their lemon bars, espresso brownies, and smores bars... luckily for us they still had one of each of them so we could try them!  Along with an iced pour over coffee, we nibbled on all three and saved some for later.  While I can't say they were the best brownies I've ever had (that includes some fierce competition), they are certainly high on the list.  Everyone has their different preferences when it comes to baked goods, so you may find that these top your list.  :)  They are a little drier than I normally make mine which makes it taste like the edge pieces.  And based on this pan, people really love edge pieces.

We will definitely be back to try some more goodies from their menu... the tiramisu cookies certainly caught my eye (but weren't available) and maybe a few breakfast items! 

cherbourg bakery cherbourg bakery cherbourg bakery cherbourg bakery

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