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Weekly Menu

Another great weekend in Columbus!  Beautiful weather... perfect for a visiting streetpub and picnic with the pops.  We finished our patio table last weekend and we've been using it ever since... casual coffee on the patio, grilling dinner, relaxing with a magazine, and post-concert Nelly listening under the stars.

deschutes streetpub deschutes streetpub deschutes streetpub scioto mile picnic with the pops de novo herbn cafe chestnut ridge metropark chestnut ridge metropark

That dang Pokemon game... held out downloading it until today (I really don't need another distraction) but now I have it.  Wonder if everyone who has it reached their step goals over the weekend, haha!  We saw people wandering aimlessly trying to catch these guys.  Now there are meetups at Pokestops to search for catch them all and battle at gyms.  I've also heard stories about budding friendships over trying to find the rare ones.  Oh well, back to being productive tomorrow!  Here is this week's meal plan...

BBQ chicken and corn-on-the-cob
homemade pizza
breakfast tacos for dinner
ravioli and sauteed zucchini


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