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Weekly Menu

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend!  We spent the weekend taking it easy for the most part.  Spent some time in the garden... most things are coming along nicely (have to give up on the beans, rabbits aren't going to let them grow).  Went to the community garden to see how everyone's gardens were growing this year.  One gardener there made me want to plant some fruit trees, bushes, and vines.  But, I will stick to my 8' by 16' plot.

Had another double delivery day this week so our fridge and counters are full.  A good problem to have, of course!  Savoring the last of the local strawberries every morning.  Soon blackberries and peaches will start coming in, can't wait!

So, I usually have my laptop set up in front of our TV and today is no exception.  I just saw a commercial for MySpace.  Huh?!  Is MySpace really back?  I thought I heard that Justin Timberlake bought it a couple years ago and then never heard anything since.  But I guess they just had a launch party for it... or relaunch party, really.  I was never on MySpace before, always liked the structure of Facebook (and the fact that it was only for college students at the time).  I wonder how "new" MySpace will be...

On to this week's meal plan (the zucchinis have started and you can kind of tell from the menu)...
mexican stuffed shells
zucchini enchiladas
grilled ranch chicken and mashed potatoes
shrimp po' boys and last of the asparagus
veggie sushi without the rice Yum

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