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Weekly Menu

The past several days have been perfect for a productive vegetable garden!  Sunny and in the 80s with a pop up down pour in the afternoon followed by some cooler sunshine.  At this point of the summer, we are usually 90+ degrees, meaning flowers will not set fruit, and very little precipitation... so I hope the weather keeps up even if it does ruin an afternoon plan once in a while (although the rain was refreshing to garden in today). 

Since gardening was on my mind today, I stopped by the community garden today to take some pictures and see how everyone's gardens were doing this year.  It was right after the afternoon's schedule down pour, so everything smelled fresh and clean.  The elementary school's summer program maintains a couple of the plots this year... it is great to see kids learning where their food comes from and taking an active role in growing it themselves.

Later, I did some work in my own garden.  My dad was weeding his garden last week and mentioned that he didn't understand how I could enjoy that kind of thing.  Well, I really rather weeds didn't grow in my garden at all, but appreciate the time I spend weeding... getting my hands dirty, listening to the birds, being close to the plants that are growing food that ends up on our plates.  If the weeds didn't grow, I might just glance over the garden, especially lately since the rain has been keeping everything watered.  One glance often isn't enough to enjoy the beauty...

It is a small garden, but there are already more tomatoes than I have ever grown before!  Everything else is off to a slower start, but should be picking up soon enough.

Now for this week's menu...
stuffed tomatoes with corn on the cob
zucchini tart and grilled peaches
burgers and pan fried squash
breakfast for dinner (maybe waffles or waffle sammies with eggs and cheese)

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