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Today is our 6th anniversary and it seems our tradition is spending it apart.  We have never really been big on celebrating things like birthdays or anniversaries.  We usually both forget about them any way.  Like this morning, as my husband was leaving for a long day at work (on a Sunday) he said "happy anniversary" and my response was "oh, yeah".  Haha.  Not sure why we remembered it this year.  It is usually June 10th before we're like... oops, our anniversary was yesterday.

Anyone else feel the same way?  I mean, if was a perfect day, a day I will never forget... the weather was beautiful, a guy floated down the river on a kayak behind us.  Then onto the reception and the first few dances and then into our togas to party the night away (yep, togas... our first date was a toga party).  So much fun and it went so quick!

So anyway... I found my new favorite breakfast...

A stack of three multigrain pancakes with a layer of Nutella and slice strawberries.  These strawberries are so ripe, so delicious!  We always look forward to strawberry season from our CSA.  Wish it could last the whole season, but these babies are worth the wait!

On to this week's menu...
Fried Arts on a Cake (inspired by Sweet Carrot's food truck at Arts Fest)
frittata with broccolette
grilled cheese (maybe tomato, mozzarella, and basil) and salad

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