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Ugh!  I am finally getting better after feeling under the weather all last week!  It seemed like I had a different ailment everyday, so I have no idea what it was... just some really weird cold, I guess.

I used to get sick a lot more often.  But after reading a book about digestion and immune health, I started taking probiotic supplements daily.  At the time, there wasn't a lot of buzz about probiotics.  I mean there were commercials for Activia yogurt, but you have to eat 40 of those a day with all of that sugar to maintain a healthy amount of good bacteria in your digestive tract. 

Now the only time I get sick is when I run out of probiotics.  You would think after the first time I would just always restock, but it is a good reminder that taking them is really beneficial.  So I was in GNC today, stocking up on probiotics and now they have about 50 different kinds of pills, chews, and powders.  I guess they are pretty popular now.  I hope it doesn't fade away like a super food fad (i.e. acai berries).

So now that I'm feeling better, it's back to meal planning this week (last week was a lot of soups and take out).  With my husband working a new job with earlier hours, eating dinner at 8pm isn't quite working out as well.  I think my solution is going to be preparing a couple freezer meals on Sunday so he can just put it in the oven when he gets home... and by the time I get home an hour later, we can eat dinner at normal people time.  ;)  I might start that next week... 

teriyaki salmon with steamed green beans
butternut mac and cheese with brussel sprouts
sloppy toms
lasagna rolloups
taco night

What are you planning to make this week? Yum

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