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After reading Food Babe's post on New Year's resolutions, I realized I have not made mine.  Her post said that only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions.  I actually think that is a pretty high number considering the number of cars in my gym's parking lot have already started to dwindle back down to the regulars (and we're only in week three!).

My thoughts on resolutions are that they certainly don't have to be made on January 1 (uh, since I didn't).  Also, there are 365 days to stay in that elite 8% number, so if your resolution is specific or a little too high of a goal, you will feel defeated... so I don't give up when I forgot a day or week... just keep going.  If you do your resolution 40 out of 52 weeks... that's 40 more weeks that you accomplished something that you otherwise would not.  That's something to celebrate and I think that still qualifies as keeping your resolution since you never gave up!

Last year I resolved to eat some sort of raw vegetable every day.  There are some vegetables that are better for you raw and some that are better cooked, but I noticed I was eating mostly cooked vegetables (but at least I was eating them!).  So my resolution helped me mix it up.  I think I probably missed out on about ten days or so... not bad!  But a pretty easy resolution considering most sandwiches qualified.  But I did eat a lot more salads throughout the year, which has continued into 2014.

So this year I am resolving to get things done.  This includes getting projects crossed off the to-do list and cleaning more frequently.  I want to accomplish these on a weekly basis and have already started with last week's hand-painted curtains and this week I'm working on staining our hallway stairs (darn Rehab Addict adding things to my to-do list).  Anyone that owns a house knows that the to-do list never gets shorter, so I'll have plenty of projects to keep me busy all 52 weeks!

Maybe some of you want to make meal planning your resolution!  It is really a great time saver (both at the grocery store and for those "what's for dinner" conversations) and great motivation to get cooking every (okay, most) nights.  Here is our menu for this week, what is yours?!

cashew crusted chicken and brussel sprouts
creamy pasta with spinach, artichokes, and bacon
out for dinner (hockey game)

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