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Weekly Menu

After posting about how little I got done from my to do list over my holiday break I've been painting, sanding, cleaning, and washing all weekend.  It might have something to do with feeling healthy again (finally!) or just saying out loud how unproductive I have been, either way, I am glad stuff is finally getting done.  

Here is one of my projects this weekend... hand painted ombre chevron curtains.  It definitely took longer than expected (what project doesn't), but I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere.  I couldn't even find a good chevron print fabric to sew them myself.  Some times I get so set on what I want, so I got some basic grommeted curtains from Target, taped off my print, and painted.  I'm glad I didn't give in and buy something I didn't like because I love the way they turned out!


I started thinking about these freezer meals I plan to make on Sundays to get dinner on the table faster during the week, but won't get it today.  Maybe next week.  So here is this week's menu...

creamy sundried tomato pasta
bok choy stir fry
pan ravioli (one of my all-time faves!)
pizza night
salmon with dill sauce
lasagna rollups

This week's menu is trending toward Italian because I have been reading Europe guide books to plan our vacation this year and I am on the Italy chapter right now.  I'm not even to the "where to eat" portion of the chapter, but I'm already there in my mind!  :) Yum

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