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Weekly Menu

Oops! A little late on menu planning this week!  You would think being stuck inside all day while the polar vortex winds blow outside would mean extra posts this week... but I think the cold weather has my husband and I working on projects around the house instead of sitting around all day.  He has been working on new lighting in our kitchen and I have been working on our hallways stairs; sanding, staining, painting, and sealing.  It's been taking longer than I thought it would, but it looks great so far and it is almost done!  And that old, worn out carpet is gone!  :)


I am so ready for these polar vortexes to stay polar.  The snow needs to melt and the sun needs to shine.  I don't want to spend ten minutes bundling up and looking like Randy from A Christmas Story just to go outside for 30 seconds.  On my way into work this morning I swear I felt my eyes freezing over since that was the only thing that was even slightly exposed.

Alright, enough complaining about the weather.  We can't change it, so might as well look at the positive... the snow is kind of pretty and the sun was kind of shining for part of the day.  I'll take it because I hear we're getting up to 47 degrees this weekend!

On to this week's menu (half way through it)...
baked ravioli (using crab raviolis this time... mmm)
lasagna rollups
taco night & pulled chicken sandwiches using roasted chicken
some kind of soup (probably either baked potato soup or roasted corn and tomato soup)

Stay warm out there! Yum

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