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A Few of My Favorite Blogs

If you're reading this, you probably keep tabs on several blogs... I do too.  Actually, a lot more than several.  I follow blogs about food (of course), fashion, my hometown, traveling, hiking, sometimes even home renovation blogs are added to my blog feed (and then removed because I don't need any more expensive project ideas).  With each blog you feel like you're getting to know the blogger despite never meeting face-to-face, kind of like characters from your favorite TV show, but these people are real!

Columbus bloggers have come together to post their top three favorite bloggers and then link to everyone's posts so readers can check out some new blogs they might want to follow, whether it's the Columbus bloggers that are linked in this post or from their set of favorites!  So without further ado, here are my top three bloggers...

Pinch of Yum - Lindsay and Bjork are so funny and so informative at the same time!  Lindsay is always posting new recipes usually making things vegetarian, removing sugar, or reducing the calories.  Her husband, Bjork, is the web brains and shares blog tips monthly.  I follow a lot of food blogs and usually scan through most of them, but this one I make sure to read every post.

Atlantic-Pacific - I feel like half of my 'style' pins on Pinterest come from Blair's blog.  She almost never writes anything in her posts... it's just photos of her gorgeous outfits.  I wish I had her closet!  All of it... amazing!

Girl About Columbus - Always looking forward to Amanda's Thursday post when she lists ten things to do around town.  With as much going on in the capital city lately, I'm sure she has a hard time narrowing it down to just ten.  Amanda also has random tidbits about the city and stays on top of all of the new things opening up.
girl about columbus

Now here are some other Cbus Blogger's and their favorite blogs to follow!

Oh, and don't forget that Columbus Craft Beer Week starts today!  Tons and tons of stuff going on in the capital city for the next nine days.  I know I am planning on going to as many events as I can, so I'm sure I'll see ya there!  :)


  1. Hi Alley! So glad to discover your blog through the linkup! I'm looking forward to following your posts! :)

  2. Great choices - thanks for sharing!



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