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Weekly Menu

It's been a fun packed weekend and of course it eventually had to come to an end.  My in-laws and their friends were in town and we were showing them around Columbus... well... really just eating and drinking at some of our favorite spots.  (Which may be inspiring a future Cbus post for a fun day in each of the Cbus neighborhoods.)  And then today we went for our obligatory annual visit to ComFest with our jerk chicken tradition.  I really love the meaning behind ComFest, bringing together community, supporting local, free spirits, and no trace!  The meaning gets lost in the massive crowd that descends on Goodale Park every year, but it's still fun.  :)

pigskin brewery cup o joe Untitled Untitled

I made kale chips to snack on throughout the weekend (they were gone in an hour).  RECIPE HERE  Kale chips really are the ONLY way I can eat kale... I can't quite understand how something that tastes like grass can taste so good after 25 minutes in the oven!

kale chips kale chips

I skipped a week or two of planning out our menu and it certainly made me feel unprepared and less motivated to cook anything (despite having a fridge full of ingredients).  So this week... back to meal planning.  Here's what's on tap for us...

broccoli frittata with roasted potatoes
pizza night
burgers and salad
sloppy joes with roasted fennel
zucchini latkes with green beans


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